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What is in Trigger Point Solution?

Component #1: Trigger Point Introduction

($97 value)

Trigger Point SolutionIn this video, Conor Collins will give you a detailed introduction into trigger points.

Component #2: Trigger Point Solution – Essentials

($57 value)

Trigger Point SolutionIn the video Conor will show what you need to know about trigger points.

Component #3: Trigger Point Assessment

($37 value)

Trigger Point Solution

Now we get into the good stuff. It is important to get an introduction and learn the essentials of trigger points but this is when we get into the assessment side of trigger points.

You will find out how to know if you have a trigger point and what else it could be other than a trigger point.

Component #4: Trigger Point Exercises

($37 value)

Trigger Point Solution

In this final component Conor goes into the exercises to do for the most common trigger points that you or your clients will encounter.

He will show you tools you can use to help overcome common trigger points and effective movement techniques that should be done with the trigger point exercises.

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